We have really big news!

…We are having a baby!!!

….hahah yeah… Just Kidding. :) It seems thats the only “really big news” people ever have these days. hahaha

Anyways…back to the real news. :)

Since before Ryan and I were even engaged we have been looking to get out of Michigan and it seems like we have looked everywhere.

We have went and look at…
Nashville Tennessee
Charlotte North Carolina
Denver Colorado
Dallas Texas
Austin Texas
Los Angeles California
San Francisco California
Boston Massachusets

At first, we thought Denver would be the place… but it just didn’t feel right for me so we nixed that idea. It seemed like we would never find a place that just screamed HOME to us. There were a lot of things in play because this is a big decision to make.

Since we are moving a business to a place where nobody knows us, well, that has it’s own set of challenges so this place had to be worth it and had to be right so we don’t have to move again for a very very long time.

We are ready to settle…a little. We want to buy an actual house within the next few years. We plan on living in an apartment, perhaps a live/work space downtown for a couple years just to have that experience and have the time to get to know more about the area after living in it. The last thing I ever want to do is jump into buying a home. I’m ready to settle a little right now, but not the let’s buy a house and have babies kind of settle.

Last year we went to Dallas Texas to check it out and we liked it a lot but just didn’t feel like it was exactly right for us but I had this warm fuzzy feeling about Texas in general. Everyone on facebook kept yacking about Austin to us so we figured it was worth checking out since everyone kept making a big deal of it.

We only spent a few days there but…ummm…I fell in love. When we first went to dallas I just felt like I was meant to live in Texas but just not Dallas and Austin just presented itself as just right to me. THUS….

It is a locked down for sure thing…We are moving to Austin this October!

Yes, the summers are blazing hot and people keep warning me about fire ants, but thats ok nowhere is going to be perfect. I’ll just walk around with a little blow torch and kill the little suckers. :)

The beauty of this plan is that I have heard July and August are the realllly hot months and July and August just so happen to be beautiful up here in Michigan and those are also really big wedding months here. So…bam! We visit family, enjoy the nice weather, shoot some sweet weddings and then head back home. It is kind of a reversed winter I figure. If its too hot to go outside there, well, it’s too cold to go outside here. So it’s a trade off and I’ll take heat over cold any day.

We are both SOO excited about moving and it feels great to finally feel at peace with where we have chosen.

Everything in our life seems to happen rather fast, or at least it feels that way. We will be driving down there June 26th to start looking a place to live and work since that is our only break in weddings. We have about 2-3 weeks to spend there and search the whole place for an awesome space. I think with enough effort, we can find a cool loft or something for a decent price… hopefully. :) I have good vibes about it at least, haha.

Soooo that is our big news. :)  The End. :)

May 13, 2010 - 11:37 am

Nicole - We sure will miss you guys… you can stay here any time though! :D

May 13, 2010 - 11:52 am

mandy - oh my gosh! texas is so happy to have you!!! we loved having you visit dallas a few months ago and i’m delighted that you’re going to settle down in austin (which is FANTASTIC for you guys by the way). absolutely perfect!

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