We really like Austin! Here are some things….

The past 7 days have been AWESOME! Wow… I just never realized how great a week can be when the days are full of time with fun people and exploring new cities.

Memphis was a lot of fun and craig and claire were great. We just left austin texas on Tuesday and I gotta say… I LOVE AUSTIN.

We stayed with a friend of mine who lives in Buda which is just about 15 minutes outside the city. I met Jessica when we both worked at kohls back in muskegon michgan in 2004 I think. We lost touch for years but since we were coming down to check out austin it seemed like the perfect time to meet up and we have had a great few days here.

We were here for the austin marathon that has 13,000 people running this year! We went down there and watched everything for a while and it was pretty cool. We didn’t get any pictures but it was a fun experience. We also explored downtown and walked around a lot and I really like the downtown there. We ate the fire bowl cafe for lunch which was pretty tasty but I’m pretty sure it made me sick later. Totally worth it. Mmmm orange chicken…

Oddly enough, valentines day is the one “holiday” we don’t neglect doing something special for. We often forget birthdays and I cancelled christmas this year since we were moving at the time and it was too stressful, haha but valentines day is one that never gets looked over.

Here is the reason (or at least why I think so) the time of year is perfect because we are not as slammed with work. Both of our birthdays are in july when we are starting seniors and have a lot of wedding work and christmas is when I’m finishing up all my wedding stuff and recaps of the year. So february is the perfect month. Also, we got engaged the day after valentines day 2 years ago. It was our first valentines day together so Ryan made me a steak dinner and lit like hundreds of little candles everywhere and it was very romantical. He was trying to trick me into thinking he was going to propose with all the romantic things and then not propose till the next day, but I knew better. :) Our second valentines day we were out traveling and just got a nice hotel and candy and spent time together which is the same thing we did this year. We are so busy all the time it is hard to just shut work out for a night and just spend quality time together. This year we went out to the cheesecake factory and ate ourselves stupid. So good! :)

On monday we went out with Jessica and her husband Nick and did a family shoot for them and their children, Bullet and Cooper. It was a lot of fun and we got some great shots! We went to some really cool spots in downtown austin and it was all just really awesome.

Tuesday morning we got our stuff together and said goodbye to austin and drove up to Dallas for a week for our first workshop! We know some awesome people in Dallas that I’m excited to hang out with and the people we have in the dallas workshop are going to be a blast as well! This is going to be a super great week! I’m so excited! This first week has gone so well and I’m all hopped up on sunshine… hah I LOVE TEXAS!
The end…. of all my updating.

Here is a sneak peak of Jessica and Nick!

February 17, 2010 - 7:28 pm

Jessica Moore - This must be one of the few shots where I’m not laughing! It’s beautiful! Thanks guys

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