What Ryan does without me…

Well well well….look who has decided to challenge me at taking the coolest ring shots…

This past wedding season I discovered a new style and way to shoot rings that I’ve fallen madly in love with so ring shots have always been my job at weddings. Because of this, I just assume I’m obviously MUCH cooler than Ryan. :)

Ryan second shot a wedding with our friend Vince a few months ago and I just got around to editing some of my favorites of what he did. I can’t lie, the ring shot is pretty impressive so I guess when someone gives him the chance, he can be cool too.

But as far as our 2011 weddings are concerned, I’ll still probably do all the ring shots haha.

I wasn’t at this wedding and its kind of cool to edit photos from a wedding I wasn’t at because I think I like them more not knowing all that went into getting those shots. It just feels more light and fluffy since I didn’t have to do the work to get them. :) Anyways, I think Ryan did some really nice work so enjoy! :)

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