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It is a very odd feeling sometimes how time goes fast yet feels so long. Ryan and I have been married for like 3 months and it feels like it has been so much longer than that! We have been working non-stop which is a good thing. This summer really has been such a miracle to have all this business and to be booking for next year already! I am just so thankful for everyone who spreads the word about us.

Being married is shall I say, fabulous. I feel like we are getting more of a handle on it all and finding a way to separate and balance work and life. It feels good to figure things out together. I am finally feeling better and starting to adjust a lot more to our new life together which is a great feeling. I am so blessed that Ryan is such a sensitive guy. I would probably be a basket case all the time if he wasn’t so nice and patient with me. God really did make him for me that is for sure. :)

We have a few weddings and a bunch of seniors to put up here since katherines. I just got a new program called “Mars Edit” which makes updating the blog much easier now. It works directly with flickr for images so thats cool. I am going to be putting up a new design for the blog hopefully soon. When we get some extra cash that will be happening.

As far as other new things….I am trying to get my new website up sometime soon as well. During the winter months when photography is slow, I am going to try and shift back to doing graphic design so I want a new site to be able to showcase all my new work and such. If you know anyone or need any design work done for yourself, let me know! I would love to be filling up right now for the winter. That is something I am really praying for. After this break from it for the summer I am just so refreshed and itching to get back to that.

We added a new member to the family. A new 24 inch iMac and it is glorious. We were just to the point with the laptops that they couldn’t handle all these weddings. So it was time for an upgrade! This thing is amazing.

All in all, God has been really good to us. Things haven’t been perfect, but in the flaws of life is when you really see the beauty of love and it just makes you really grateful.

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