Who likes da moneys!? …. [and us?]

Who likes getting paid for referrals??!

We know you guys love us… come on… admit it. No don’t admit it to us! Admit it to other people!

Our business is in large part made by word of mouth so if you love us and want to keep seeing the awesome you gotta tell some folks!

mo’ money mo’ money mo’ money!

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Right now GAUPERphoto is offering 5% to anyone who gets us a wedding or portrait session! (that’s up to $285 for you!) Offer ONLY until New Years!!

All referral checks will be paid as soon as the client you refer is paid in full. Help the GAUPERs and the GAUPERs will help you!

As long as we are on the subject I just wanted to thanks everyone so much to this point for getting us all the work they have we are well loved and blessed so all joking aside we wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for a lot of you peoples out there!!

Free hugs for trying =)

P.S. mudeyes.com is now theGAUPERs.com!

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